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I just kind of like mullets.

Yup.. I probably shouldn’t be around kids


kids.. dogs… cats.. my man with the mullet probably shouldn’t be allowed around anyone. You know when they interview the neighbors who live next to axe-murdered and they always say, “I can’t believe it, he was so quiet.” When they interview this guy’s neighbors, they will be like, “Yup.. he was a total creeper. No doubt about that nut. Just look at the dude’s mullet.”


The 1/99 mullet.

Usually the ratio of business to party with mullets is in the range of 20/80. Here.. my man has very little business but a ton of party. Kind of like Hulk Hogan.. without the steroids.. the career.. the reality show.. and the “not a total creeper” status. PLENTY+TIME+MULLET+OVER+police+suspect+hilarious+-puWC1LE45xl

Famous Mullet Friday.. a bit late

It’s time for the celebrate FAMOUS MULLET FRIDAY, featuring a celebrity and their mullet. This week, we feature Terry “Hulk” Hogan. He has an interesting twist to the mullet. He clearly has a solid party in the rear, but the business up front is thing, receding, and just plain barren.

This is a young Hulk Hogan. The black and white photo almost loses the bleached blond mullet.

lest yes be fooled by the bandana, my man is thin to no business in the front, but all party in the rear. In other words: Great mullet.. brutha.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.24.22 PM